A small shoulder bag adorned with geranium leaves, hand-picked from my garden. This unique bag features a combination of white cotton, gray mesh, and leather straps, creating a stylish and functional accessory. The geranium leaves are printed on the white cotton using acrylics, showcasing the beauty of nature in intricate detail. The black color with touches of gold adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the design. With a height of about 22 cm and a width of about 30 cm, this small shoulder bag provides enough space for your essentials. The bag is designed to expand with a buckle, accommodating additional items when needed. It features an outside pocket with a zipper for convenient access to frequently used items, as well as four slip pockets inside for organized storage. The black leather straps add durability and a touch of luxury to the bag, ensuring comfortable and secure carrying. Dimensions: Height: about 22 cm Width: about 30 cm

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