A cone-shaped table lamp that combines natural elements with delicate materials. The lamp features a sturdy base crafted from cedar wood, providing stability and adding a touch of warmth to the design. Atop the base, a cone-shaped shade is formed using a combination of reed and silk paper. The reed and silk paper create a beautiful texture and diffuse the light, casting a soft and inviting glow. The cone shape adds elegance and a sleek silhouette to the lamp, making it a stylish addition to any space. With a height of 57 cm, this cone-shaped table lamp stands at an ideal height for illuminating tabletops or creating a cozy ambiance in any room. Its blend of natural cedar wood, reed, and silk paper creates a harmonious fusion of materials, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

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ישנה אפשרות לאיסוף עצמי מרחוב רוטשילד 7 מזכרת בתיה