Emotional therapy through art combines cognitive and emotional processes, offering a precise and focused approach to address a range of emotional and psychological challenges that can be difficult to navigate. It is particularly beneficial in situations characterized by feelings of stagnation, addictions, anxieties, mood disorders, dissatisfaction, career transitions, financial concerns, lack of achievement, relationship difficulties, finding a partner, family relationship issues, social struggles, and more.
During the therapy sessions, various art forms such as painting, sculpting, and collage are utilized, without requiring the patient to possess any artistic expertise. The process unfolds naturally, guided by targeted questions that encourage the patient to express their emotions on the page. Together, we examine and analyze the created artwork, using further targeted questions to gain valuable insights.
By using painting as a medium, patients can tap into their subconscious and unlock unexpected questions and answers. These discoveries, which hold significance, are taken home, contemplated, explored, internalized, and ultimately foster transformative change. The therapeutic journey extends beyond the session itself, encompassing the ongoing integration of insights into daily life.
Over the course of several sessions, tangible results gradually emerge. Together, we work towards relaxation, coping strategies, understanding, self-discovery, harnessing personal strengths, cultivating gratitude, fostering self-acceptance, and effecting positive changes that contribute to overall well-being.
I treat children, young adults & adults
Session cost 150 NIS